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Tuesday, September 22

Episode 32 - September

This coming Sunday afternoon - straight after this radio show - get down to "Black Sunday"
btw - The new Cyclic Defrost issue #23 is now out.

Next week we'll be listening to "Mothra", Hobart's own "the love in" and "Oceans", post-punk band "Smoke" and more!!

tracks from the show -

Undecisive God
- Angels

Tom Hall (see below - AXXONN)
- floats
- While We Lay Low Upon Green
- She Stands Tall Amongst Buildings

- Introverted Canopy
- parameters for Meister Ekhart

- Orange Bounce
- Hollow
- Bright

Chris Haskett (Language)
- Invisible Western
- Angular Piece
- translation

Pseudo Sound Project 6.06
- Skinny Ichanic
- Track 01 bitterman

Come down this afternoon / evening to this -

Salamanca Arts Centre and Sound Klub presents -


AXXONN (bris)
M.O.I.O debut show
SPHERES (laun)

Sound Klub #2 presents this Killer line-up of doom, metal, ambient and noise acts in a dark Sunday matinee style mini-fest featuring -

AXXONN - Brisbane - Dropping home after some 25 shows across Europe and the UK that saw them playing in underground basements in Berlin, Vineyards in Italy and abandoned hairdressing salons in Glasgow, AXXONN's, Tom Hall (Solo, Secret Birds, TRIAD) and Ian Rogers (No Anchor) hit Hobart for one show, debuting a string of new tracks from their forthcoming album recorded in Rotterdam and out Feb. 2010.


M.O.I.O - debut show. 2 man trad doom metal group Machines of Indeterminate Origin make their debut show at Black Sunday - spacious punchy drone riffs and hard, solid drums meld into head nodding goodness. Comprising members of Bodies Drawn Backwards and Time Office, M.O.I.O is Aaron Metcalf (guitar) and Matt Warren (drums/vox).


SPHERES - Launceston - spheres was borne from a love for "heavy" music, not just metal and it's various sub-genres but also for modern composers. Spheres uses the electric to emulate the acoustic, creating density through volume. Exploring the physicality of sound and it's effect on the body using syncopating frequencies for a range of reactions.


EVIL GOAT - is a scary pencil drawing, a gothic rock opera, a long epic intro, a sustained outpouring, an old amplifier, a black guitar, a concrete wizard. You'll see what we mean....


CYCLE - solo guitar/laptop artist cycle generates and weaves textural swathes, melodic passages and glistening drones into sombre and restful states resulting in a quiet awe. Cycle processes and composes sounds live with a meticulous ear for detail.


TRIAD - After a brief respite from embarking on their first National Tour and debut ep release, noise/improv trio Triad hailing from Brisbane and Hobart will round out this epic line-up with their first post-tour show and final 2009 performance. “Their sound is very tense and edgy with rare moments of timid, ambient sounds of the forest and nature, and a filthy, dirty distortion polluting and crackling beneath it, invading harmony with dissonance.” - The Sauce Magazine

Sunday 27th September – Matinee Recital
3pm. Entry $ 6.60. Limited Capacity

Salamanca Arts Centre – Entry via Kelly''s Lane Salamanca

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