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Sunday, May 9

Episode #54 - 9te Mai 2010 - Cocteau Twins

the Cocteau Twins special

Feathers-Oar-Blades (from Lullabyes EP 1982)
When mama was a moth (from Head over Heels 1983)
Musette and drums (from Head over Heels 1983)
Beatrix (from Treasure album 1984)
Persephone (from Treasure album 1984)
How to bring a blush to the snow (From Victorialand 1986)
She will destroy you (The Moon and the melodies, November 1986 album made with Harold Budd)
Carolyn's fingers (From Blue Bell Knoll, 1988)
Blue bell knoll (From Blue Bell Knoll, 1988)
Cherry coloured funk (from Heaven or Las Vegas, 1990)
Fifty-fifty clown (from Heaven or Las Vegas, 1990)

Teardrop by Massive Attack (with Elizabeth Fraser) remix by the Scream Team
from Mezzaninee, 1998

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